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Simple solutions for common problems


What is CodeShare?

CodeShare is a platform where everybody can share implementations of common problems of computer programming. Developed by Code Solutions Project, a Spanish's association that promotes the free culture.

Who can use CodeShare?

Everybody can copy and distribute any code posted in this platform, and sign up and share their own solutions or post new implementations of solutions already hosted. As a warning, if someone engage vandalism (see vandalism in CodeShare) they will be banned from publishing or editing any code, and in serious cases, ban their account permanentely. However, they will not be restricted form services of unregistered users.

How can I submit my own solution?

  1. First, you need to sign up in CodeShare (link), and then go to submit page to start.

  2. Write the solution's name and description. Notice that in this input boxes you shouldn't type any reference of language they can be uploaded in multiple languages in the future, and there are a box for language.

  3. Now select language to help other users to find it easily.

  4. If your solution use a external library you can add its name and its version in their own input boxes.

  5. After that, introduce the Input and Output examples with the following criteria:

  6. Now paste your code

  7. Finally push the submit button and automatically you will be redirect to your new code page.

What behaviors are considered vandalism in CodeShare?

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